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Healed SMP Density Treatment

 What you see here is session one of an SMP “density treatment”.
Ray has a nice head of hair, but he is starting to experience hair loss at the hairline, crown, vertex, and back of head. This is his first time having a cosmetic scalp tattoo treatment so he’s very excited to see the amazing instant results.
These are photos and a video of before, during and immediately after. Check back here for additional session photos of  healed results. You can definitely see improvement after just one session. He will need two more sessions to finish the look of a fuller head of hair.


What is SMP?

SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, is a non-surgical hair restoration alternative that uses cosmetic tattoo to layer hundreds of tiny impressions into the scalp. Cosmetic scalp tattoo creates the illusion of hyper realistic hair follicle simulation and can be added to existing hair that is thinning, or in the case of total balding, a “buzzed down look” can be achieved. Many celebrities have had SMP, so you have seen it but just didn’t know! It is virtually undetectable if done well.


How many sessions does it take to create the desired results?

This is a process may take  3-4 sessions, as impressions are layered to create a more dimensional effect. Each session is approximately two hours long. It is truly more cost effective and convenient, than hair transplant surgery, or temporary fibers and sprays that can smudge, drip, or flake off. And the result is natural and realistic looking.


What is the first step?

The first step is a consultation. Contact us for a consultation via Zoom or in person to discuss hairline types, what you wish your desired results to be and costs involved.

When we meet we will  map out your design and create your custom color formula with top-of-the-line, organic specialized SMP pigments from 5pm Shadow, master trainer John Chandler’s line. 


One of the first questions I usually get is, “Does it hurt?”

Although everyone’s tolerance is different, it is usually virtually painless for most, In fact many of my clients fall asleep! A few of my clients are sensitive and experience discomfort. Again, everyone’s tolerance is different.

Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive and requires no down time. In most cases, after your hair replacement procedure, you will not need to take any extended time away from work, school, or other functions. After an SMP treatment it is common to notice slight redness on the scalp for 2-3 days post session. This redness subsides quickly, in most cases, about 48 hours and most clients return to work either right away or within a couple of days. The results are a real boost to your self image.




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Get Your Swagger Back With Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, SMP!

Get Your Swagger Back With Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, SMP!

SMP, known as Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, really changed Richard’s confidence level.

SMP is Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure. Cosmetic scalp tattooing. A  great hair restoration alternative where the results are amazingly natural looking and can last for years and years.

Bald and thinning hair can sometimes takes a toll on your confidence level and there are many hair restoration alternatives out there to choose from, but none are as safe, easy, and affordable as cosmetic scalp tattooing.

Using a specialized machine and microneedles I can hide bald and thinning hair by creating the illusion of tiny hair follicle replications, tattooed onto the scalp and made to look like a freshly buzzed head.

Richard started losing his hair at a very young age, but just look at Richard’s transformation. It really turned back the clock! This is healed results after just two 3 hour sessions. Typically, my SMP procedures require two to three sessions. See more examples.

scalp tattoo

SMP requires no downtime and financing is available.

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hairline tattoo
Hide Bald and Thinning Hair with SMP

Hide Bald and Thinning Hair with SMP

Non-surgical Hair Loss Solution For Women

So you’re experiencing sudden hair loss or thinning. Many women experience hair loss at different times in their lives, it seems like it appears suddenly and can really take a toll on your self confidence!

If you are seeing hair loss or thinning at the temples, front of hairline, crown, or back of scalp, (take a look at your scalp in the sunlight) a new, easy, and affordable solution has recently burst onto the scene, it’s safe and the results are immediate.

Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, or SMP as it is commonly called, is a cosmetic tattooing procedure and it’s the fastest growing hair loss solution in the country. Tiny little hair follicle replications are created and actually tattooed into the scalp using a very fine needle and special custom blended SMP pigment. It is more effective, convenient and realistic looking than fibers or sprays.

The procedure is called a “density treatment” which gives the illusion of thicker, more luxurious hair! This process typically requires 3-4 sessions, approximately one and half hours each.

The first step is the consultation, in which we discuss placement of pigment and what you wish your desired results to be. I then custom create your color with top of the line specialized SMP pigments.

One of the first questions I get is “Does it hurt?” Although everyone’s tolerance is different, It is virtually painless, in fact most of my clients fall asleep. You will need to wait 4 weeks after SMP until you can have your hairstylist do your color touch up, but the combination of SMP and color is amazing.

SMP for women can last for 5 to 10 years and fades out gradually. Many women love the effect of a “shadow root” for blondes or grey haired individuals. SMP works beautifully with darker hair as well, and just blends right in. You will want to shade your center part for a thicker, luxe effect.

SMP is safe and requires no down time. It works well with extensions, wigs and other hair replacement alternatives.

Let me hide your bald and thinning hair and add density to your scalp and hairline. I use the finest quality tools and pigments and am certificated many times over in the latest permanent cosmetic and SMP  techniques.

The Micropigment Studio
Located inside Strada Salon at 2075 Lincoln Ave, Unit C, Willow Glen, San Jose, CA 95125
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Channel Your Inner Goddess. The Ritual of Beauty.

Channel Your Inner Goddess. The Ritual of Beauty.

Remember Your First Trip to the Makeup Counter?

Your first real lipstick…how beautiful and sparkly it made you feel! Most of us were, what, 11 years old, I bet? The way it smelled, the feel of it as it grazed our lips…a beauty product that perfectly molded mound of magic for our mouths that we cannot wait to wear but we so do not want to ruin the newness of its shape. We give in and apply it anyway and the magic begins. Who knew that by coloring our lips our whole face would light up? All of a sudden our eyes sparkle, our faces glow and we look and feel so… ALIVE. Talk about girly empowerment! Well, makeup has so many magic moments like that, I could go on and on the need to channel your inner Goddess and the bask in the ritual of beauty.

Experience the transformation

But when you are first just venturing into the World of Beauty, time just seems to stand still. A little of this, and a brush of that, we experience The Transformation and we like it. We really, really like it. One day you are just a kid sitting there thinking that you look rather plain and nondescript and then, wow. With makeup everything magically changes.

Doors are opened for you, flowers appear suddenly at your cafe table out of nowhere…you are…noticed. Your “I Got This moment” begins. Inner beauty, yeah, yeah, it’s great, but there is nothing like putting gloss on your inner goddess and giving her those first wings to fly.

Bursting with Eagerness

I have been doing makeup since, well, since way before there was no hyphen between make and up, but recently I took a mother-daughter duo on a personal-makeup-shopper shopping spree to Ulta and I re-experienced that first magic again through the eyes of beautiful 11 year old Ashley. (She mentions to me a couple of times she is almost 12.)

Such beautiful butterflies they are at that age, bursting with eagerness to begin designing their new faces and creating their own unique look. Remember that? Before it kinda started to become a drag to get all made up every day? I want to bring you back to that first moment with makeup.

Welcome to The Micropigment Studio. Enjoy the magic of makeup, enjoy the ritual of inner beauty.

Visit my portfolio and have it applied permanently.

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