Welcome to The Micropigment Studio. More than 30 years of micropigmentation experience.

  • I am vaccinated and certified in Covid  prevention.
  • A Health History review must first be completed prior to booking your procedure or in person consultation. 


First Step: Book Your Consultation

You may use my online booking system or contact me at  831 251-7229 to set up a consultation by phone, in person or via Zoom. There is no charge for a 20 minute phone consultation or a 30 minute in-person consult.

  • Phone consultations are complimentary for 20 minutes. I would love to answer any of your questions and concerns regarding your procedure.  Call or text me to set up a phone appointment time. At this time I will also review your health history to determine if a doctor’s release is needed before we proceed.

I return all calls each day between clients within 24 hours.

  • The in-person consultation is a complimentary 30 minute appointment. There is no charge for this, however, a credit card on file is required to hold this complimentary in-person consultation for you. If you fail to give a 24 hour notice of cancellation and you do not show up, your credit card will be charged $50 for the 30 minutes reserved for you.
  • Again, a 24 hour notice of cancellation is required for your in-person consultation or you will incur a $50 credit card charge for the time reserved for you.

The Micropigment Studio is located inside Strada Salon 2075 Lincoln Ave, Suite “C”  Willow Glen in San Jose, CA

For the in-person consultation and appointments, please text me upon arrival.

I will meet with you and talk about shape, create your custom color and draw on designs. This is a good time to share any photos of looks that appeal to you. If something is not correct for your face shape, overall skin color or undertone, we can then look at other design or color options. for you, It’s fun!


Step Two: Book Your Procedure Day

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your actual procedure day and reserve this time block for you. Remember, I need to review your health history first to determine if a doctor’s clearance is needed for any major medical issues that you may have. It takes just a few minutes by phone for this. (831) 251-7229 Call or text use my online booking service to set up a time to speak by phone, Zoom, or in person.
  • I ask for a credit card number on file to hold your in-person time block for you.
  • For payments: Credit Cards (a service fee applies), Checks with i.d., Cash, ZellePay.
  •  A 48 hour notice must be given for cancellation of your scheduled original procedure day.
  • Failure to give me a 48 hour notice of cancellation for time reserved for the day of your procedure will also result in forfeiting of your deposit and you will be asked to provide a new deposit to re-book.
  • The balance of the procedure cost is due on day of the procedure before we begin, unless payment arrangements have been previously made.
  •  For financing options, 831 251-7229.
  • Bring your glasses if you need them, I require signatures on all documents.
  • Providing a personalized experience for you is my top priority.

Monday through Saturday 10 to 7.

I return all appointment calls and texts each day between clients within 24 hours.

PLEASE READ ALL POLICIES regarding late and multiple rescheduled appointments BEFORE booking consultations and procedures.