SMP For Men

(Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure)


Get Your Swagger Back with SMP!

  • Cosmetic Scalp Tattooing
  • Hide bald and thinning hair
  • Safe hair restoration alternative
  • No downtime
  • Financing available

Get Your Swagger Back!

Hide Bald and Thinning Hair with SMP.



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Entire Head “Buzzed Look” or Density Treatment for Fullness

Scalp micropigmentation (called SMP) procedure is a technique that uses scalp tattoo to hide bald and thinning hair without the need for surgery. It creates the look of hair density to supplement existing hair. Restore your confidence level with SMP.  Beautiful, natural and realistic results. Book a density treatment or full scalp procedure to give the illusion of full and thicker hair. We can choose the hairline that most appeals to you and work together to create a hairline that is symmetrical to your own facial features. Whether it be a straight hairline, round hairline or slightly receding hairline, realistic SMP for men can give you the image you want! Enjoy soft and natural healed SMP.

Tiny impressions are tattooed into the scalp, creating the illusion of hair follicles. This gives the look of a freshly shaven head of hair. Scalp tattooing is an affordable hair restoration alternative. Two to three sessions may be needed, depending on the amount of hair loss.

  • No downtime.
  • Lasts for years.

Density Treatment: Before and After

hair los alternative

Client Before

Before Density Treatment

View Before

Hide baldness

New Look After Density Treatment

Immediately After Density Treatment

SMP for hair loss

View After Density Treatment

Density Treatment for men

Front After Density Treatment

SMP for Hair Loss Help

After Density Treatment

After Density Treatment

Ray before Density Treatment Session

  • No downtime with SMP

  • Scalp tattooing is an alternative hair loss solution for bald and thinning hair.

  • Undetectable, natural looking results

  • Last for years

The Density Treatment Procedure

Before Density Treatment to hide bald and thinning hair

After Density Treatment session One. Ten days healed.

hair loss alternative

Prior to Density Treatment Procedure

SMP scalp tattoo

After session One, healed density treatment

Immediately after session One

Before SMP Density Treatment, back of head

Healed Session 3 Density Treatment, back of head

Session 3 Healed Full Head Density Treatment

hair losst alternative with SMP
paramedical tattooing or SMP

Client After

scalp tattoo with SMP


hair replacement option using SMP


SMP tattoo

Before Density Treatments

scalp tattoo with SMP

Before Density Treatments

hair loss alternative with SMP

Immediately After Density Treatment One

During SMP Density Treatment

Immediately after Density Treatment Session One

Healed, Density Treatment Session Two

paramedical tattooing using SMP


scalp tattoo with SMP


hair replacement with SMP



non-surgical solution with SMP
tattoo with SMP


Immediately After Session 2

scalp tattoo: SMP

Healed, Session 2

immediate results
cosmetic hair replacement
non surgical hair loss solution: SMP

After Session 3

baldness solution with SMP


hair loss solution
hair replacement service

Healed 2 Weeks After 2 Sessions


paramedical tattooing
scalp tattoo


scalp tattoo