SMP, known as Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, really changed Richard’s confidence level.

SMP is Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure. Cosmetic scalp tattooing. A  great hair restoration alternative where the results are amazingly natural looking and can last for years and years.

Bald and thinning hair can sometimes takes a toll on your confidence level and there are many hair restoration alternatives out there to choose from, but none are as safe, easy, and affordable as cosmetic scalp tattooing.

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Using a specialized machine and microneedles I can hide bald and thinning hair by creating the illusion of tiny hair follicle replications, tattooed onto the scalp and made to look like a freshly buzzed head.

Richard started losing his hair at a very young age, but just look at Richard’s transformation. It really turned back the clock! This is healed results after just two 3 hour sessions. Typically, my SMP procedures require two to three sessions. See more examples.

scalp tattoo

SMP requires no downtime and financing is available. 

Call or text me (831) 251-7229 for a free consultation either in person at my Capitola studio, Facetime, or Zoom and I can give you an estimate of the cost. Prices are determined by the amount of hair loss involved. Richard, my San Jose Rep, would also be happy to meet with you via Facetime and discuss the possibilities for your new image. ~Janette

hairline tattoo