Remember Your First Trip to the Makeup Counter?

Your first real lipstick…how beautiful and sparkly it made you feel! Most of us were, what, 11 years old, I bet? The way it smelled, the feel of it as it grazed our lips…a beauty product that perfectly molded mound of magic for our mouths that we cannot wait to wear but we so do not want to ruin the newness of its shape. We give in and apply it anyway and the magic begins. Who knew that by coloring our lips our whole face would light up? All of a sudden our eyes sparkle, our faces glow and we look and feel so… ALIVE. Talk about girly empowerment! Well, makeup has so many magic moments like that, I could go on and on the need to channel your inner Goddess and the bask in the ritual of beauty.

Experience the transformation

But when you are first just venturing into the World of Beauty, time just seems to stand still. A little of this, and a brush of that, we experience The Transformation and we like it. We really, really like it. One day you are just a kid sitting there thinking that you look rather plain and nondescript and then, wow. With makeup everything magically changes.

Doors are opened for you, flowers appear suddenly at your cafe table out of nowhere…you are…noticed. Your “I Got This moment” begins. Inner beauty, yeah, yeah, it’s great, but there is nothing like putting gloss on your inner goddess and giving her those first wings to fly.

Bursting with Eagerness

I have been doing makeup since, well, since way before there was no hyphen between make and up, but recently I took a mother-daughter duo on a personal-makeup-shopper shopping spree to Ulta and I re-experienced that first magic again through the eyes of beautiful 11 year old Ashley. (She mentions to me a couple of times she is almost 12.)

Such beautiful butterflies they are at that age, bursting with eagerness to begin designing their new faces and creating their own unique look. Remember that? Before it kinda started to become a drag to get all made up every day? I want to bring you back to that first moment with makeup.

Welcome to The Micropigment Studio. Enjoy the magic of makeup, enjoy the ritual of inner beauty.

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