My Process

NOTE: You must first complete a health history to see if you are a good candidate for any of my cosmetic tattooing procedures.

Some medical conditions may require a doctor’s release.

Cosmetic surgeries, injectables and fillers require a waiting period prior to your permanent cosmetics procedure appointment.

Your health history must be completed by phone prior to booking your consultation and actual procedure appointment day.

I will review your health history by phone with you to determine if you need a doctor’s clearance or waiting period before scheduling your in-person consultation or permanent cosmetics procedure. 

NOTE: If any change occurs in health history between consultation, initial procedure, follow-up and additional session, be sure to inform me in the event that you may need a new doctor’s release.  If you do not do this, you will need to be rescheduled and you will be charged for the time reserved for you.

Again,This must be completed before booking your consultation and procedures.

Consult your doctor for any specific medical conditions and concerns such as recent surgery or current medications, particularly blood thinners.

Permanent cosmetic professionals should refrain from conducting procedures two weeks before or after a COVID-19 vaccination”


*All persons, vaccinated or not, should wear a mask inside the  salon & store

For Better Retention Before Your Procedure


1. Please do not take any aspirin 5 days before your micropigmentation procedure. Tylenol may be taken 1 hour prior. Never stop any medications before speaking with your doctor! For best pigment retention, remember to avoid fish or fish oils, alcohol or coffee 24-48 hours before. Stay hydrated. You will want to drink plenty of water in the days prior to your procedure for best pigment retention. Bring your glasses if you use them to the appointment, as you will be signing some documents in-office. You may not wear your contact lenses during an eyeliner procedure. Please wait 3 days before putting contacts back in after eyeliner procedure. Lash extensions must be removed one week prior to eyeliner procedure to ensure area is clean and free of bacteria.  Do not reapply lash extensions before follow-up appointment. Discontinue use of lash growth products 3 weeks before. Lips: If you have ever had herpes on your lips, consult your doctor and obtain a prescription to prevent an outbreak before your lip blush procedure.

2. Botox and other injectables or fillers must be stopped 4 weeks before I work on you. Please discontinue Botox and other treatments until you are completely finished with your permanent cosmetic appointments. Recent surgeries, cosmetic or otherwise, (under a year) will require a doctor’s note.

3. Do not allow your face to become sunburned before or after your appointment.

4. Discontinue use of any exfoliants such as Renova, Retin A, glycolic acid, Celex-C, Alpha Hydroxy, or any other major exfoliants on or around the procedure area 4 weeks prior to having your permanent make-up procedure, initially, and before any additional sessions and thereafter. You can still use them, but not on procedure area. This ensures the best pigment retention. Also, for the future, be sure to check that your skincare products do not contain exfoliating ingredients, if they do, you will need to keep these products off the permanent cosmetics when your skin has healed, and thereafter. Choose a basic soap or cleanser such as  Cetaphil, for cleaning procedure area prior to your appointment at least 3 weeks before, and also for cleansing procedure area while it is healing thereafter for great retention.

Exfoliants prevent color retention, pull color out of permanent make-up, and may cause you to need more treatments with me.  I charge for additional sessions beyond your follow-up.

**COVID information: You must wait 2 weeks before and after receiving a COVID vaccination for your procedure.

Post Treatment Instructions for all Procedures:

 It is recommended that ice packs be applied for 10-15 minutes each hour for the first three hours following the procedure to minimize swelling and provide comfort. After the first 24 hours ice is no longer beneficial. It is important to place a layer of clean tissue between the baggie of ice and the skin to prevent frostbite and contamination. Do not take aspirin, as this promotes bleeding at the procedure sites. Bleeding prevents color retention resulting in more sessions. Tylenol is recommended for temporary pain relief.


Please keep major exfoliants and products that contain exfoliants off your permanent make up procedure area for longer lasting retention throughout the years.



1. Cleaning Your Procedure Area

Clean gently morning and evening for 7 days after your procedure.

a)  Clean your procedure area with distilled water on compressed cotton and a small amount of a gentle basic soap such as Cetaphil. Gently wipe, do not use a cleanser that contains an exfoliant. Do not scrub.

b)  Wipe gently with other side of compressed cotton and distilled water  to remove traces of cleanser.

c)  Pat dry with tissue.

d)  Apply the aftercare ointment which I have provided for you, only a thin layer of ointment!

REMEMBER: Do not saturate or soak your face in water. Do not hold your face in steam of water while showering. Avoid sleeping on your face and be sure to use clean pillow cases.

2. Normal activity can be resumed immediately. NO heavy exercise such as aerobic dancing, weight lifting, for 2-3 days following the procedure in case there is excess sweating, which prevents color retention. Do not swim with face down in water. No saunas, hot tubs, or jacuzzis for 7 days!


Remember that your procedure area will begin to oxidize immediately and during the next 3-4 days. This causes the pigment to become darker. Do not be alarmed, this color will either shed off or fade back to the color that was first implanted during the first five minutes of the procedure.

4. Other fading or loss of pigment may occur. Some shedding of pigment is normal on some skin types, do not pick off or you will pull the color out. There should be pigment under the skin where the pigment has flaked off, however if there is no pigment present additional session(s) will be required to achieve lasting color.

By Day 10 Please apply a high quality sunblock to brows and lips after healing is done and wear sunglasses when exposed to sun to protect your new eyeliner.

5. Judgment of your final results should be deferred until one month following your procedure. The skin is healing during this time and goes through many changes. It will go darker, peel, lighten. and look like it has gone completely away. In most cases it will go 30-45% lighter than when you walked out of my studio. It should then return if you have been diligent with your aftercare. Your follow up can be scheduled 4-7 weeks after, age depending. I will call to check on you and to schedule your follow up appointment. The follow up is included in the cost. This is the time for me to “fine tune” the application. I can adjust the shape and color. Please avoid getting traditional make-up on procedure area until it has shed off and healed in the skin. 

Eyes: Keep lash extensions off until you are completely finished with your eyeliner appointments. No mascara or eyeshadow may be used for one week following your eyeliner procedure, and when you do resume using mascara, use a new tube. You should expect a certain amount of mattering around lashes in the morning, slight swelling and possible bruising around the eyelid margins.

Please keep contacts out for the first three days after eyeliner procedure.

You can apply ice for 15 minutes at a time for the first three hours if you need to.

NOTE: Avoid crying in the days before and after your eyeliner procedure. It will prevent color retention before, and pull color out after.

 Do not pick, scratch or rub as it will remove pigment.

NOTE: For Lips: No kissing, whitening toothpaste or hot spicy foods in the next 8-10 days while procedure is healing.

Sip beverages through a straw, and use a new straw each time. Your lips may feel tender, tight and begin to peel around day 3-4. It feels like a case of chapped lips. You may use a bit more aftercare ointment during this time. Permanent make-up is a process and may require 2 or more sessions.

Microblading typically lasts 18 months to two years and may need to be refreshed during that time. Other cosmetic tattooing procedures may last longer, this varies from client to client depending on age, health, and lifestyle.

Previous permanent makeup may not be able to have pigment implanted over it. I am not able to guarantee that I can tattoo over it and have pigment retention. You must email or text me a photo so that I can see it first and advise.

Please consult your doctor immediately for any signs of infection.

Call if you need me. Janette

831 251-7229